Is permanent happiness possible?

Permanent happiness
Image Is permanent happiness possible?

Happiness is a reality accessible to all! Why then turn his back on it! Some people think that being happy is a utopia and that it is not given to everyone to be happy. According to most people, happiness is ephemeral, rhymes with disappointment and eventually pain or that it is innate in some. And if they were wrong?

To be happy is a state of mind

A little exercise can help through a simple letter, describing how one would like to live until the end of one's life to live a happy and fulfilled life. The purpose of the letter is to reflect on what is essential for oneself to live happily, and then make the changes in one's life to move in that direction.

  • To be happy, you sometimes have to change your way of being, your attitude to the world around you, to put an end to some of our "limiting" beliefs and open to greater expectations ...
  • To open oneself to happiness, one must above all accept the past as it happened unconditionally, it is not possible otherwise. Then get moving! It is difficult to integrate a "beautiful image" of oneself and build oneself well, when one has not felt welcomed in love. This is why very often one who has experienced painful childhood is likely to cause harm; that some people resent their past. But sometimes to themselves, hence a difficulty of acceptance of unconditional self. Failure to accept those part of their life story may hurt them again as long as they have not moved on to the next page, but also to abandon themselves or to dislike themselves.
  • To put an end to painful situations, there is no other way than to accept the past fully. This does not mean forgetting what happened, but acceptance allows appeasement.

Permanent happiness for all!

Happiness is not found, but it is built every day, throughout life. One can miss out on one's life if one does not train one's mind to see the bright side and focus only on hardships. Psychology joins the field of personal development: You will decide to consciously develop your talents not to live "normally", but to live to the best of your abilities.

Happiness is within our reach! To do this, we must be convinced that we can be happier, become aware of the habits that prevent us from being happy, and slowly but tenaciously adopt new ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

Permanent happiness can be learned

To be happier, we can develop the following tracks:

  • Make the choice of the joy of living and lightness.
  • Practice daily emotional hygiene.
  • Take the time to listen and meet inspiring people like Prem Rawat.
  • Enjoy simple pleasures in the here and now.
  • Learn to flush out the negative side of situations and people.
  • Cultivate your optimism.
  • Develop your empathy by volunteering for the Prem Rawat Foundation for example.
  • Express your gratitude.
  • Find a form of meditation that suits you.
  • Choose a physical activity that you enjoy doing.