Does art make people happy?

Art and happiness
Image does art make people happy?

In the modern world, it is possible to specialize in different fields of work and practice different kinds of art. The list is unlimited as far as art is concerned.

Prem Rawat said, "Happiness is your own treasure because it lies within you." He is an ambassador of peace who works for the promotion of peace through the art of wise words. He shares messages of peace to everyone in the world to ensure happiness within them. The topic of this article is about the role of art in happiness. Let us uncover which arts make people happy, and why is it so?

The arts which can make people happy

Among the many arts that exist nowadays, let us pick five which bring great happiness to people:

The art of playing music brings happiness

Playing a musical instrument pleases the ears and brings serenity to those who are listening to it. For example, by listening to the piano or the melodious sound of the violin, we can be stress-free and calm within. Listening to music is fascinating, and the ability to play a musical is even better because it pleases the heart and gives tranquility to the mind.

Quite often, students listen to their favorite music to relax. Other people also spend a few minutes listening to classical music to ease their nervousness and anxiety before an exam or before a job interview. Another example relates to terminally ill patients; the doctor makes them listen to soothing music to feel better and reduce the pain.

The art of prediction brings happiness

The art of prediction is the most valuable talent because it consists of skillfully and accurately predicting hidden things. The ability to predict and interpret dreams is within this category.

People often neglect God's daily words for them; they do not pay attention to the wise words given by wise man to them either, just like what they do about their dreams. That is because they are not skillful in this kind of art. The art of prediction is mostly acquired by tranquil individuals with a pure heart, sanctity and mind clarity.

They are the ones who are gifted in exact forecasting of the future because their talent is from the Almighty. They hold fast to God's mighty words. Thus, the ability to expertly forecast the future and interpret dreams empowers the talented individual with the greatest form of art, which brings about long-lasting happiness.

The art of singing and dancing causes happiness

Whether it is singing, praising, or dancing, this kind of art brings contentment to people. Songs and dances are designed to show the most beautiful aspect of art in order to honor those who are watching the performance. Traditionally, the king was the only one who could afford to invite dancers and singers to come to his palace, with the most talented musician, in order to be eased his tension.

However, nowadays, everyone can listen to their favorite music while dancing or singing. Whether you are a young person, an adult, or elderly, it is possible to dance and sing and listen to music. It is possible to practice at home, at church, at school, or in the playground. This means that people like to practice this kind of art to be happy.

The art of speaking languages brings joy

It is important to know how to speak many languages in order to communicate with people from other countries and develop knowledge through cross-cultural exchanges.

Thus, the ability to speak many languages is a source of great satisfaction, because it enables the knowledgeable person to discover many cultures and travel to many places. Who wouldn't be fascinated in this kind of art? It empowers you with the ability to exchange knowledge and discover many places.

The art of healing is blissful

The art of healing is a talent gifted onto chosen individuals by the Supreme Being. The talented person is able to use the power that they received to heal patients and drive illnesses away. With their hand, they have the gift of restoring broken bones and annihilating the root cause of an illness or a disease; they can even work more miracles through the power of God who parted the power onto them.

The art of healing empowers them to help sick people recover their strength again even after a serious disease. Great happiness fills the heart of such faithful individuals because they can help patients get healthy and strong again.

The Prem Rawat Foundation is gifted on doing humanitarian acts to promote peace to the world. All things considered, it is undeniably true that art can make people happy if they use it for a good purpose to do good to mankind.