Do we have to progress every day to be happier ?

Do we have to progress every day to be happier ?

Life on earth is often spiced up with adversities, pains and sufferings. Somewhere in the world, there are usually people dying of starvation or epidemics. Malnutrition affects a great deal of people; in other parts of the planet, it is common to hear relentless civil wars and conflicts despite having caused severe material and human losses.

In front of such bad news, Prem Rawat said, "Happiness is your own treasure because it lies within you." This implies that it is crucial to ask ourselves whether it is necessary to do something about it to be happy. If it is necessary, then, what should be done to feel contented in today's world?

Do we have to progress every day to be happier?

Daily progress ensures fulfillment of goals

It won't be possible to attain our goals to progress spiritually unless regular efforts are made. Apart from that, it is crucial to pledge ourselves and put in all our efforts in order to see a good result. Unless the fruit of our action is suitable to our endeavor, we won't feel happy about it.

Through the will to achieve some improvement every day, we can focus all our attention on our objectives; therefore, our mind won't be distracted by unimportant things which may arise. If we stay oriented to our goals, we will eventually be able to achieve tremendous tasks and be happy.

Daily effort is needed to advance in your project

By making an effort to improve every day, we can gradually perform better in everything we are doing. It is essential to do our job as it were for the Supreme God. It is necessary to do our best in all our acts, whether it is at home, at school, at work, or at a meeting place.

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, insists that true happiness lies within us. This founder of the TPRF Foundation for global harmony wants to tell us that it is essential to make regular efforts to advance spiritually to be at peace. Our effort won't be vain and our success will be satisfactory with an absolute commitment to the daily quest for inner peace.

Daily progress leads to the right way

Unless an individual is enthusiastic about advancing spiritually, they will end up in the wrong way. In fact, only those who work regularly on their daily objectives will be able to increase their knowledge and become enlightened. In fact, they are motivated and goal-oriented because they have a clear understanding of the ultimate objective which is perfect knowledge.

In other words, unless we gain enough knowledge and are conscious about our ultimate destination and the path to get there, we will go astray. Thus, regular self-actualization is crucial to progress happily.

Why do some refuse to progress?

Spiritual individuals who think that they have already attained perfection and enlightenment are reluctant to progress. Their heart is filled with spiritual pride; hence, the mere sight of the messenger who is supposed to bring renovations to their spiritual life makes them so jealous that they will immediately refuse to listen to anything.

As opposed to humility, spiritual pride is the consideration of having attained perfection although much remains to be acquired. Such a pride prevents progress because it blurs vision, it creates a big veil covering the face and blindfolding the spiritual eyes. Such pride misleads them onto the wrong way. As a result, it is essential to open our eyes and make a progress every day to attain peace.

Daily progress guarantees good performance and award

In brief, unless we perform every day, it won't be possible to progress. It is important to do everything under the guidance of the holy spirits of God so that we won't lose our track to perfect enlightenment.

Apart from that, it is necessary to read wise words every day to guide our way to the right destination. Through regular readings and meditations, it will be easy to achieve progress and enter the realm of unlimited, true happiness.